Why do 3rd gen Tacoma owners (2016+) need to install a front utility rail to use the SideRide Bike Mounts?

When the 3rd gen Tacomas came out, Toyota decided to save some money by not selling them with the front bed utility rail installed.  This cost cutting measure is frustrating for 3rd gen owners, as the hardware and tapped holes are already there in the bed.  

The front bed rail is needed with our SideRide Bike Mounts because it provides a secondary anchor point for the mount to attach to.  Also, the mounts act as an additional and very sturdy tie down point for your bed.

To add the rail (part number PT278-35100-BH) simply source one from Amazon or your local Toyota parts dealer.  Some folks even scavenge them from 2nd gen Tacomas (2005 - 2015) in junkyards.

The install is quite simple once the part is obtained:

  • Open package

  • Remove existing T-30 screws

  • Align new rail with holes and screw into place